Development Around Medical College Looking Promising

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As you drive past the medical college on Highway 84 East, you'll notice new signs are popping up.

"When we found out there was a corner lot located at the main entrance to the medical college, we just jumped at the opportunity," Caleb Stuckey with People’s South Bank said.

People's South Bank broke ground on their new location Friday morning.

"We look forward to being a part of the ACOM community," Stuckey said.

They're shooting for a May opening date and plan to focus on the students' needs.

"They would be silly not to, most of the businesses who locate out there are going to have that demographic in mind," Dothan’s Planning Director Todd McDonald said.

This may be the first groundbreaking in the Medical College area, but Community Development in Dothan says it's certainly not the last.

“I came here in 2006, most of the growth was occurring on the west side of town and that's just kind of the way it's developed in Dothan. That's a problem because of some transportation issues and land ownership issues have prompted that. So now we have the same thing occurring in the east side of town. Where we have a major investment by a landowner and that will spur the development," McDonald said.

The east side of town has rumors circulating of new private and commercial development.

"We're beginning to see a change in the market out there, obviously ACOM is the generator for that change," McDonald said.

McDonald says they haven't seen many plans yet but they know they're coming.

"Land market will respond to additional people out there and additional activity out there," McDonald said.

He says that additional activity is promising for the city and the medical college community.
The Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine serves 150 students.