Deputies Put Their Fitness to the Test

Houston County - From Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes to the newest deputy, everyone on the force is putting their fitness to the test.

“Each is a timed event. A lot of the test we do is your personal max. We want people to come out and give their personal best effort,” said Deputy Mike Stacey.

The test consisted of a 300 yard sprint, timed sit ups and pushups, pushing a patrol car, pulling a 170 pound dummy and ended with a one mile run.

The Houston County Sheriff's office started a fitness program last year. Stacey is tasked with making sure these guys are ready for the job.

“I started a circuit training program somewhat like crossfit. There are a lot of guys; it's almost like a disease. When one person catches it, it spreads. When one person gets in shape in law enforcement usually one of their buddies will grab on to it,” said Stacey.

Over the past year, many of the deputies have improved. Shaving minutes off their run and upping their push-up max. Leaders say that could mean the difference in the line of duty.

“A lot of time the deputies are out here in rural areas and you're possibly fighting a subject or chasing someone on foot by yourself and we may not have back up immediately available. So we need to be in some kind of shape,” said Hughes.

And this test is holding everyone accountable.

“What we want to mainly see is progress. We want to see people get in better physical condition. You look better. You feel better, and you're able to do your job better,” said Hughes.

The test is held twice a year, and they are only given little warning beforehand. Officials say that ensures everyone continues to exercise instead of simply preparing for a test.

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