Deer Hunting Season Extension?

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Business is good at Southern Outdoor Sports in Dothan.

But when deer season rolls around in mid-October, store owner Ronald Fuller only sees one color, hunter green.

“Of all total hunting sales, there's probably 60% or more related to deer as oppose to other game,” said Fuller.

And it's not just outdoor stores that benefit.

“We have great deer hunting in Alabama. A lot of people from out of state come to Alabama,” said Fuller.

Some state lawmakers believe the state is missing out on millions of dollars.

From hunters fueling up on gas, visiting restaurants, and shopping for gear.

That's one of the reasons they're proposing a bill to extend deer season into February.

“I think the deer hunting season should be extended. Surrounding states have already implemented extensions in hunting season and it would benefit me as a hunter,” said hunter Matt Perry.

Another is the breeding season of deer, also known as the rut.

It occurs after Alabama’s hunting season causing hunters to go elsewhere to find trophy buck.

On the other hand, critics are concerned about the deer population and how it will affect smaller game hunters.

“Some people think there's enough deer taken each year and population's aren't as high as biologists tell us they are,” said Fuller.

But Perry believes the only way to truly know its impact is to try it.

“If the population goes down then they can come back and change it,” he said.

Right now the deer season in Alabama runs until January 31st.

This extension would tag on an extra two weeks to a month.

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