Dedication For Fallen Soldier At Fort Rucker

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It’s been five years since Sergeant First Class Donald Tabb was killed in the line of duty while serving in Afghanistan. Now a building on Fort Rucker, close to the heart of Sgt. Tabb will bear his name.

Cpt. Brian Wheat said, "Everybody was like, well I want to be in Sergeant Tabb's squad because he will take care of us and he is going to teach us the right way. Everybody emulated or wanted to emulate him and the way he was as a soldier."

This story goes back to 2008. Sergeant First Class Donald Tabb volunteered to go on his second deployment in Afghanistan.

While overseas, Sergeant Tabb's vehicle ran over an explosive. He wasn't the only one involved. Bo, his bomb sniffing dog, was also inside.

Lisa Eichhorn, PAO Fort Rucker said, "He survived because he was inside a kennel. However he received some injuries. Minor, but he did receive injuries….When they really evaluated Bo, just like people, Bo had PTSD and it had to do with loud noises, crowds...he still has some lingering issues of anything loud of anything loud that sounds like an explosion because he lived through one."

At the time Bo was only 2, young and believed to have more years of service. However the decision was made to retire Bo.

Going from a career of serving our country, to simply being a man's best friend. Bo's the newest addition of Sergeant Tabb's brother's family. Where playing fetch is his only mission.

"We just fell in love with Bo and he was a great comfort with the family….You know just remind us so much of Donald and everything he told about him sometimes lazy liked to play a lot," said Willie Smith, Sgt. Tabb's brother.

And now the dogs trained on Ft. Rucker will call home by a new name.
"Tabb Kennels." The idea for the dedication has been around since Sergeant Tabb's death. But it took hard work from those closest to him to keep the process moving forward.

Eichhorn said, "This was a no brainer it was a unanimous vote Sgt. Tabb was very important to Fort Rucker."

Smith said, "After all these years its given us great comfort to know that his work was appreciated and it tells us how much the sacrifice he did was not in vain."

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