Decreasing Over-Crowded Classrooms

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Administrators say they're seeing more students attending classes not in their zoned school but a new policy is ensuring over-crowding is an issue of the past.

More and more students pouring into Houston County school classrooms is an issue they've had for a while.

"At one time there was pretty much free enrollment in Houston county schools, there were no school zones. So you could go and come, no matter where you lived as long as you provided your own transportation you could go to any school in the county, " says Tim Pitchford, Superintendent of Houston County schools.

"We are happy that people want to come to our schools but we do have zones and we do have a school district that we have to abide by " says Steve Dasinger, Assistant Principal at Wicksburg High School.

District lines that were being crossed, bringing enrollment down and resulting in lower funding for other school systems.
Increased class sizes led to over crowding and now the Houston County Board of Education is taking action.

"When you don't know what to expect at the beginning of the next school year, it causes some hardships at the local schools with over crowded classrooms, when you don't know what's coming in from outside your school district. We worked with the Board and we developed a policy where we more or less kind of locked down our boarders. Also we established school zones within the school system itself, " says Pitchford.

"We have found that, people have given us fraudulent addresses, they don't live there, there may be nothing at that address. Any one who gives us a fraudulent address and we find out, they will be asked to leave the school," says Dasinger.

A policy that has led to a more balanced classroom.

"It has pretty much stabilized our enrollment, not only in the district but also in our enrollment of each school, " says Pitchford.

Superintendent Pitchford says if the enrollment numbers would have continued to increase like they did, schools would have had to start using trailers because they couldn't build another building fast enough.

Parents who are interested in finding your child's school zone can contact the Bus Barn at 334 899 3891.

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