Dead Body Found in Henry County

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A body was found behind New Hope Church in Abbeyville Thursday.

Police believe it could be connected to a case of a missing Eufala woman.

An investigator following that case went looking for her behind churches on Highway 95, because she liked to travel down that road.

That's when he discovered the body.

Bones and clothing were all that was left.

Police are hopeful DNA and dental records will help to identify the body.


Henry County Sheriff's Office and the Dothan Crime Scene Unit are trying to identify the remains of body found by an individual.

They're going through the crime scene trying to recover evidence.

Henry County Sheriff William Maddox said the individual "came across the remains of this person and he called us and that's where we're at now... It's probably going to be criminal from the results of where the body's at so we're not connecting it to any case right now until we get through with the investigation."

Henry County Sheriff's Office is confirming that remains were found behind New Hope Baptist Church at the intersection of State Highway 95 and County Road 37.

Investigation is ongoing. Police say more information should be available as soon as they have it.

Man's dead body found in Henry County.

Details are limited at this time but according to sources the body was found stuffed inside a refridgerator.

We have a reporter en route and we will update the story as soon as we have more information.

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