Day Two of the US China Symposium Updates

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3:55 PM

Secretary Greg Canfield, of the Department of Commerce of AL, is on stage now discussing the advantages of doing business in Alabama.

"Alabama can make it easy to do business. We do this with a team approach."

"We have a skilled workforce, educational partnerships, and we have a pro-business state government."

"Alabama is one of the best kept secrets in the United States."

"Whatever you need, we have a workforce training agency that is ready to go to work for you."


3:00 PM

"Money doesn't move peoples emotions."

Darin Buelow, Principal of Deloitte LLP, spoke on the importance of site selection.
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2:30 PM

South Carolina Department of Commerce managing Director for the Asia Office, Mr. John Ling, is on stage discussing lessons to learn when doing business.

"Work hard and we will get the result that we hope for."

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12:45 PM

The US-China Manufacturing Symposium is designed to bring Chinese businesses to the Wiregrass. On the final day of the symposium, one business made the decision to open a new facility in Dothan.

Nanjing Zijin-Lead Electronics, China's largest printer manufacturer, announced it would open a 3D printer factory in Dothan. The new business will be called Dothan 3D.

Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz signed a contract with company executives on stage at the symposium to locate a factory in Dothan.

"We're honored to have them in this community to bring hi-tech, 3D printing to Dothan," Schmitz said. "It has unlimited potential."

While the facility will be small, Schmitz says the jobs coming to Dothan will be high-paying positions. Schmitz says the new factory will also bring new, cutting edge technology to the area.

Nanjing donated six 3D printers to the area last year, and the city of Dothan has been working for more than a year to secure a contract with the company. Although the new factory has only been announced, Nanjing has already held two training seminars in Dothan.

Several economic announcements were made on the final day of the symposium. Two other businesses are opening offices in Dothan in the near future, to facilitate possible relocation of Chinese businesses to Dothan.

Wipfli Spider Logic will open an office in Dothan. Wipfli helps businesses relocate or open new facilities in the US. Wipfli's slogan is, "Solutions now. Strategies for what lies ahead."

SOZO Group Founder Raymond Cheng also announced his company would be opening a full-time office in downtown Dothan in the old US Legal building. The new office will be called the Dothan SOZO Innovation Center.


12:15 PM

Mayor of Thomasville, AL just announced that the Chinese Company, Golden Dragon Copper Manufacturing, has opened and started production in Wilcox County, AL.

11:46 AM

A panel containing Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz, Manufacturing Business Leader Juliana Lam, Technologies Professional Mark Stevens, China Legal Professional Xiangrong Mei, Education and Federal Professional Jo Bonner, and Manufacturing Leader Nig Lian are all on stage now.

They are discussing maximizing the full potential of US- China Relationships.

Former Chief Executive of Hong Kong, C.H. Tung, often talks about how the US China relationship the last 30 years is stronger than at any point in history.

However, he say building a relationship by itself is not what we should strive for. Mr. Tung says while it is important to build relationships, doing it right can realize the full potential. He says realizing the full potential of the US- China relationship will make the world a better and safer place.


11:22 AM

US Senator Sessions is on stage now talking about the how important the relationship is between the US and China.

"Alabama is open for business and we look forward to that," says Sen. Sessions.

"America is open for business. Washington is supportive of foriegn business, as well as Alabama. I am so excited about the relationship between Alabama and China. I think it is important for Alabama. I think it is important for China. And I think it is important for prosperity and peace throughout out the world."

10:32 AM

"Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad."

Dwight F. Cody, marketing manager at WIPFLi LLP, is on stage now discussing Business Canvas Mapping.


10:15 AM

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The symposium is running a little late, but will start momentarily.

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