Daleville Sergeant Avoids Being Hit By Car

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We have some shocking video of a Daleville police officer nearly getting hit by a car this past weekend.It happened during a traffic stop on Highway 84.

Nearly 15 officers die every year after being struck by cars along side America’s roadways.

Daleville Police Chief Harvey Mathis said, “Sgt. Meissner pulled over a vehicle that was swerving.”

And according to police, so was another driver.

Mathis said, “Another car driven by Ms. Sauls came up and struck Sgt. Meissner’s vehicle…he was able to leap up on the car of the driver he was talking too to escape any serious injuries.”

Judy Sauls avoided hitting Sergeant Meissner and went into a ditch. But she didn’t avoid jail time.

Mathis- said, “We called the Alabama state troopers and they arrested her for driving under the influence.”

This event has Chief Mathis highlighting laws set to veer away from cases like this one.

It is called the Alabama Move Over Act and it requires drivers to do just that. If a police officer has pulled someone over on a road like 84, drivers either have to pull into the outside line or go 15 miles per hour below the speed limit.

Mathis said, “This is a serious concern for the officers. Anytime they make a traffic stop they are sitting out on the side of traffic and people are buzzing by. It doesn’t take much. Some of the officers are reporting that the cars are actually brushing up against them. They are that close and they are not slowing down.”

And officers are not brushing it off, just last week two drivers were hit with $50 fines.Nothing compared to Sergeant Meissner’s experience.

And if you were wondering about the driver that was first pulled over, he hung around to make sure Sergeant Meissner was ok. But he ended up driving off. Chief Mathis says they are working with the District Attorney to see if he will face any charges.

Dale County sheriff’s deputies were unable to find that driver after the accident. But they do have his information.

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