Daleville SWAT Team Making Rhode Island Boy's Birthday Unforgettable

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The Daleville SWAT Team is doing what they can to make sure a Rhode Island boy has an unforgettable birthday.

They found out about 6 year old Tyler Seddon through an article on PoliceOnline.com. He is currently battling leukemia and his mother said that his birthday wish involves birthday cards from his heroes, firefighters and police officers.

The team decided they could offer him more than just cards. On Wednesday, they shipped him a box that included a SWAT shirt, patches and a helmet each member of SWAT team signed.

They also included a certificate which makes Seddon an honorary lifetime member of the Daleville SWAT Team.

Seddon turns seven on March 6th. If anyone would like to add to his birthday wish, here is a link to the online article.