Evidence Room Find Leads to New Guns for Daleville Police Department

Daleville, AL - Every Daleville Police officer will be getting a new weapon, and it didn’t cost the city a cent.

For as long as anyone can remember Daleville police officers have all carried different weapons. That’s because they had to buy their own weapon, duty belt, and holster.

So when Police Chief Harvey Mathis stumbled upon this machine gun from the 40’s in the evidence locker he had an idea.

“Just struck me odd seeing that there. I remember seeing it in the old WWII movies. What is it doing here and how did it get here?” said Mathis.

He made a few calls and learned the gun was registered to the department more than four decades ago, and it was worth about $15,000.
Best of all, it could legally be sold.
“For one rifle that’s been sitting back there for 1966 we’re taking care of the whole department,” said Mathis.

Now that money is being used to buy 34 Glock 22 .40-caliber pistols. This gun is top of the line.

“I’m excited about it. Everyone will have the same kind of weapon, same magazine, same ammo. If anything happens and you need to exchange magazines you have the option,” said Sergeant Ryan Phillips.

Mathis said this is just the beginning.

“We’ve got them all the equipment they need to be efficient. I want the city of Daleville to be really proud of their police department. We’re going to continue moving forward. I told them we’re not stopping. We’re not slowing down. We’re just going to get better.”

Nearly 200 other guns were also sold from the evidence room. That money is being used to buy new duty belts and holsters.

The officers still have to pass a shooting test with the new pistols before they can be used.

Mathis is also putting in a budget request to replace ballistic vests across the department. That will cost about $15,000. Mathis is hoping to receive a grant that will offset the cost.

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