Daleville Police Investigate Series of BB-Gun Shootings

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Daleville Police are investigating a series of BB-gun shootings.

Since Monday, a transport bus, a Subway restaurant and a resident were all hit by a drive-by bb-gun shooter in Daleville. Similar incidents also happened in Newton and Geneva County.

Thankfully, these incidents have only caused property damage, but authorities say the force behind a pellet gun can still cause major injuries.

“It can still cause damage if it were to hit someone in the eye or bus windows that were shot the other night, students were sitting right beside them got felt and got cut so forth so it can still cause injury,” explained Sgt. Stacey Austin of the Daleville Police Department. “Nowadays these firearms I refer to them as firearms they are bb guns, co2 powered they have a lot of force behind them.”

The damage to the Subway restaurant will cost thousands of dollars to repair. The transport bus has already been fixed and is back in service.

If you have any information about this incident you are asked to contact Daleville Police. If you see any more of these shootings, police say to get the car's tag number and direction they are traveling in.

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