Daleville Police Department Giving Dogs a Little More Time

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DALEVILLE -- It's a topic that's tough to hear: euthanizing animals. Unfortunately, the Ozark Animal Shelter does not have a choice.

After seven days, most of the dogs there are euthanized. City leaders cite funding and the burden on the community as reasons they must put the dogs down.

Cpt. Bobby Blankenship of the Ozark Police Department said it's not an easy decision to make.

“We wish that we could hold animals indefinitely, unfortunately there's only so much funding that you can do with any city shelter," Blankenship said. "We make sure they're fed good, make sure they have a clean environment, check on them daily. You know, we do what we can with whatever we have available."

This truth is the drive behind Chief Harvey Mathis building a pen for lost dogs in Daleville. With the help of the community, he was able to build a place to keep a lost dog for three days.

Chief Mathis hopes this buys them enough time for their families to find them.

“We give the dogs a safe place to stay until we can find their home,” Mathis said. "“The key thing is we want to give the owners enough time to just call the Police Department and say look I lost my dog, did you pick it up?”

City officials encourage everyone to include dog tags on their pets' collars so they can get them back to their families as quickly as possible.