Daleville Police Department Gets a Jolt

Daleville - About ten years ago it seemed every department was issuing tasers to its officers. Every department, but Daleville.

Chief Harvey Mathis was hired back in January and he is determined to move forward.

“Part of my project is to modernize the department bring them on board. Get the weapons and equipment they need to do their jobs,” said Mathis.

The department is able to issue to nine officers right now. But before they can hit the streets, they need training. That includes an eight-hour class, written test and experiencing what it feels like.

“I did not feel good by any means. I can understand how the suspect feels when we do it. If we do have to deploy it on them it's a less lethal force and I like it because I don't want to use deadly force if I don't have to by any means,” said Officer Noah Suiter.

Carrying a taser doesn’t take away deadly force. It simply gives officers another option when they’re in dangerous situations.

Mathis said, “A lot of times a taser is nothing more than a deterrent. Seeing a red laser on your chest knowing you are about to receive a fifty-thousand volt shock is quite a deterrent.”

“I and I'm pretty sure the other officers don't want to have to use deadly force if we don't have to. That's something we'll have to use for the rest of lives, and it's not something I want to live with,” said Suiter.

The funding for the nine tasers was provided by the Dale County District Attorney's Office. The money for the other tasers will be put into the budget in October.

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