Daleville Investigators, Congregation, Moves Forward after Fire

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Daleville investigators are taking new measures to help figure out what caused a fire that destroyed a local church.

In May, the First United Methodist Church was destroyed in a fire. The investigation is currently at a standstill, but Daleville Police hope that a reward will encourage people with information to come forward.

“We are still continuing our investigation. We do have a $7,000 reward out for any information but it is still under investigation,” explained Sgt. Stacey Austin. “They do help that's why we offered what we did.”

Despite the lack of leads, Pastor John McCullough and his congregation are ready to move forward.

“Part of it for us is they will find out when they will find out and for us that's not a right concern for us. Certainly we want for them to issue a report and be done with it but we have been given the authority to remove the building and move forward with the process of rebuilding and that's what we are trying to focus on here,” said McCullough.

The First United Methodist Church has demolition scheduled to begin on Monday. Once the building is knocked down, the group will start the rebuilding process on the same piece of property.

If you know of any information related to the church fire, you are asked to contact the Daleville Police Department at 334-598-4442.

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