Daleville Church, Damaged By Fire is Rebuilding and Recovering

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A Daleville church has been doing quite well with a recovery from a fire two months ago

Church members at First United Methodist Church are expected to choose an architect to help map out a new building over the next few days. The congregation is now having church services at a vacant building a couple of hundred yards away from the old church parking lot. Members are very thankful to the Daleville community for lending out a helping hand throughout this whole process.

"I believe that the Sunday morning we had services out on the lawn was the beginning. We know that if a building burns down that's not who the church is, we are the church," said Debi Corbett, the church's choir director.

The church is also still accepting donations to the buildings fire and relief fund. If you would like to donate please contact the church at 334-598-2684.

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