Dale County Sheriff's Office Receives Useful Equipment through National Program

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OZARK -- Through the federal 1033 program, the Dale County Sheriff's Office has received two helicopters, Hummers and patrol rifles.

The 1033 program is a national program that allows state and federal law enforcement agencies to receive excess military equipment that they might not be able to afford otherwise.

The Dale County Sheriff's Office serves 10 counties with the equipment they have received, and they have used it in a number of search & rescue missions and other crime-related incidents.

Considering tax payers bought the equipment the first time, officers said this is a second chance for the retired equipment.

"This equipment is already paid for and it's handed down to local agencies that may not be able to afford this type of equipment, but can utilize this equipment to protect and help their citizens in their areas," Chief Deputy Tim McDonald said.

Along with investigations and search & rescue, the agency takes the equipment to schools to show children how they use it.

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