Dale County, Ozark City Schools Superintendents React to Grade-Changing Scandal

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OZARK, AL - There is an ongoing investigation into the alternative school run by both Dale County Schools and Ozark City Schools.

There has been alleged grade changing of students enrolled at the school last school year.

Superintendent Michael Lenhart says he first became skeptical of the grade changing matter in February of last school year when some students at the Opportunity Academy finished their course work in a shorter amount of time and with better grades than expected.

Ozark City Schools alerted the school attorney and an investigation began into the online curriculum taking an in depth look at students grades.

The teacher who allegedly did the grade changing is no longer employed by the public school system.

Both superintendents say now their top priority is the well-being of the students involved.

In total, two students from Dale County Schools and five from Ozark City Schools are involved.
Two students who received their diploma will not be asked to give it back.

School officials say if the students do need additional teaching, that will be available to them.

The students still enrolled at the Opportunity School will be reassessed to ensure they have the proper education necessary for their grade level.

As far as the investigation goes, it is now in the hands of the Alabama Department of Education.

Both superintendents add that they are thankful to alert the public when there is good happening with in the schools and want to remain transparent when something unfavorable happens.

That teacher had 26 years in the public school system.

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