Dale County Courthouse Renovations Meeting

Sixteen general contractors showed up to the mandatory meeting for Dale County Courthouse renovations.

Those interested in providing work for the courthouse updates must have come to the meeting in order to make a bid.

They hope the work will be complete in eight months from start to finish.

The courthouse staff plans to provide all of its normal services during the renovation.

The Dale County Commission estimates the total cost of improvements is around $2.7 million, and with around 40 people showing up to Tuesday’s meeting, the Commission Chairman says the interest is encouraging.

"Which is encouraging when you're trying to do something. If you can borrow money at a low interest rate and get a good price on the work as well, is a win-win for all of us," said Dale County Commission Chairman Mark Blankenship.

The bid opening date is March 4 at 2 p.m. at the government building.

They are hoping to secure a bid by the next commission meeting on March 10th.