Dale County to Create Own Industrial Development Board

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The Dale County Commission is undertaking the task of bringing industrial business to the county on their own.

For the last six to eight months, Commissioners considered joining the Houston County Industrial Development Board. The partnership would allow the two counties to work together to bring industrial business to the area, however, at Tuesday’s commission meeting, the motion was shot down.

“It's a little bit of a set back its going to cost us a little money to do it this way but at the end of the day I think we will accomplish the same thing,” explained Dale County Commission Chairman Mark Blankenship. “We thought a joint industrial development board would be the perfect match - Houston County they have a lot more resources than we do but we have a lot more vacant land and we thought the two was just a perfect match to pull off a huge industrial site and I still feel that way.”

Although the Commission decided to not join the Houston County Industrial Development Board, they did agree to create their own development board.

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