Angel House Needed in Dale County

"I got a call from the police department one evening. They said do you have a place for a lady. I said sir; all we have is a place for men. They said well we don't have a place for this lady and she's just been kicked out of her home."

“This angel house is something that's really needed in our community. There’s not enough space's for women."

Both Mayor Billy Blackwell and Dale County Rescue Mission's Charles Gann agree Ozark needs a safe place for women.

And Thursday’s cancelled ribbon cutting ceremony of the angel house seems like a set back.

"I would encourage them to work with our building official here. See if there is someway they can work this out, certainly there are locations in town for the angel house."

The angel house's location on Union Avenue in Ozark happens to fall into a zone strictly for single families.

"There’s not an exception to go into a single family zone where this is located now so it would have to be rezoned and a special exception would have to be given."

Now Gann and his team are working to secure an exception.

They have a plan to present to the board of zoning adjustments, which they say will fully explain their intentions.

"I want to make sure that we're right on with them. I don't want any ifs, ands, I want everything to be right."

And that is opening a place where around three women at a time can participate in a program that will teach them necessary life skills.

"From six o clock on, once we have breakfast, they've got to be looking for a job, they've got to be in training."

"This is our community. I don't want to send people off. I want them to be here."