Dale Baptist Assocation Holds 11th Annual Bible Reading Marathon

A group in Ozark sees the light at the end of the storm.

The Dale Baptist Association put on their Bible Reading Marathon this week.

More than 100 people read throughout the week.

Several denominations were represented.

They started on Sunday at 3:00 and took shifts reading up until this afternoon.

Organizers say the weather slowed them down but didn't stop them from getting their message out.

"A lot of us take for granted that we've heard the bible read, we've read the bible ourselves. We don't realize that there are a lot of people around that have not heard the bible, have access to it and have never been exposed to it. So it's a great way to get it out there, let folks that haven't heard it hear it and hopefully bring folks to the lord,” Coordinator Kimberly Carver said.

This is the 11th year they've held the marathon.