DDRA wants County's help to Buy Saints Apartments

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DOTHAN, AL--It's an eyesore that sits at the corner of Foster and Powell streets.
One that members of the community say they want gone.

"To us it's about the aesthetics it's about making sure it's an inviting and welcoming gateway to downtown," said DDRA Executive Director Jansen Tidmore.

Jansen Tidmore with the Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority, says in order to purchase 'Saints Apartments,' they need about $200,000.

The DDRA board will contribute $60,000.

Five star credit union has agreed to contribute $40,000.

The DDRA is requesting the other $100,000 from Houston County.

"In talks with the county they have thrown out several uses that they can have with the property," said Tidmore.

Right now, it's unknown whether the building will be torn down or renovated. Tidmore says the decision primarily rests on the county.

"If they decide to be that partner then were going to leave a lot of that up to them. there has been the talks of the demolition of the property or raising it and we have looked into that we do kn ow what it will take to make the demolition happen," explained Tidmore.

Besides what will become of the building, another question is how will this affect residents at the complex.

"Once we purchase the building we will send out notices that we are going to provide them options of other places to find and give them ample time to find other housing options," added Tidmore.

If the county agrees to contribute the money, a decision will be made within the next two to three months.

News 4 spoke with a resident at Saints Apartments.

She didn't want to go on camera but said the apartments need major renovations and the county's plans wouldn't bother her either way.

Houston County commissioners will vote Monday on if they will contribute the $100,000 to purchase the property.

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