DDRA Wants to Turn Howell School Property in Senior Living Facility

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DOTHAN, AL--A historic, vacant building may soon see renovations.

The Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority is asking the city to convey the Howell School property.

The group wants to develop a low income senior living facility at the location.

The building will house 60 to 70 residents.

Some city leaders acknowledge the economic development the new facility will bring to the area, while others worry about security.

"We are trying to save a building on the back of senior citizens in an area that has crime, in that nine block area we've had shootings, murders," said District 2 Commissioner Amos Newsome.

"What we've seen in other places is when you do a major investment in a community or neighborhood like that it typically starts a process where you improve that entire neighborhood and that's an area that can use that," said Dothan City Manager Mike West.

Commissioners will discuss the plan further at the next city commission meeting.

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