DCS: Projected High School Graduation Rate 87%

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DOTHAN, AL---With four months until graduation at Northview High School It can all be described in three words.

"It's crunch time," said Northview High School's Principal Chris Shaw.

A crunch seniors are feeling as the time draws near to getting their diploma.

"It's so important especially if they want to go to a four year college or if they want to get into the military," added Shaw.

Dothan City School officials say looking at their projected graduation rate for this coming year shows students understand the importance.

"From our data that we've done it's projected to be 86-87 percent which were excited about and happy with," said DCS Secondary Curriculum Director Allyson Morgan.

The drop-out rate also reflects that understanding.

"Our drop-out rate is projected to be less than one percent," added Morgan.

School board officials say they've realized drop-outs are the end results in high school but the issue many times starts in elementary school when the students become dis-engaged.

"We've built a plan in our system that engages students at a early age and helps parents understand the importance of staying in school at an early age," said Morgan.

Although there's only 4 months left until graduation, for students who aren't doing too good there's still time to intervene.

"It's not too late to save them, besides summer school, we also have credit recovery. We're really doing all the different interventions that we can possibly do. Give them that remediation, tutoring services," said Shaw.

There's also a graduation coach who makes sure the students are on the right track.
Dothan City School's high school graduation is set for May 25th.

The study also showed that in every state males were more likely to drop out.

To see the Education Department's full report, do a search for 'graduation rates.'

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