DA Pushing Crack Down on Burglaries

Burglar hand holding crowbar break opening door
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Houston county district attorney Doug Valeska says he's tired of seeing burglars get away with just probation.
That's why he's pushing for automatic prison time.

“My message is I’m sick of burglars. If you're a burglar in Houston Henry County, you're going to prison. I don’t care if it’s your first time. I've had enough.” Houston County District Attorney Doug Valeska said.

In the first six weeks of this year, there have already been 116 burglaries in Dothan.
A number that’s too high for comfort.

“The majority of these are residential burglaries while good people are at work, scum of the earth is out there breaking into your home.” Valeska said.

“In Houston County we’ve responded to 37 residential burglaries during the first two months of this year.” Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said.
“We’ve had 41 burglaries in Henry county 9 in the city of Abbeville 20 in headland.” Henry County Sheriff William Maddox said.

Valeska says there have been so many burglaries that now he’s cracking down any burglar could get prison time.

“We want ten years for burglars.” Valeska said.

Valeska says he doesn't want to see any pretrial’s, recommendations or deals for any burglars.

“As a district attorney when I get you in prison ill protest your parole to keep you there.” Valeska said.

And Valeska says burglars don't have to just watch out for the cops.

“Burglars, when you go into someone’s house there is a good chance you're going to get shot or killed and if you do that, that’s what you deserve.” Valeska said.

“Our pistol permits have increased substantially, all of our citizens are becoming armed, so you are in a risky business.” Sheriff Maddox said.

“There may be a homeowner out there with a shot gun waiting on the other side of that door when you come through, and I’ll just go ahead and say it, I hope there is.” Hughes said.

Officers say these may be harsh words, but that's what comes with harsh crimes.

Valaeska says his office has started offering rewards for burglaries, up to a thousand dollars.

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