Crime and Uncertainty Have More Applying for Pistol Permits

Houston County - More Houston County residents are exercising their second amendment rights. The sheriff's office has seen more people applying for a concealed carry permit.

On average they'd issue 30-40 a day. Starting in December that number jumped to about 70 a day.

In just one day in January, 123 people applied for pistol permits.

That spike continued through February, and now Sheriff Hughes says the number is beginning to level off.

Some gun owners said an increase in crimes and the proposal of new gun laws had them filling out the application.

“Protection. Dothan is getting bigger. It's growing every day, and people are crazy,” said Johnny McGlon, Houston County resident.

“Break-ins have happened around the neighborhood. I actually just got my wife one, and she's never had one before. Just so it will keep us safe,” John Forehand, Houston County resident.

Sheriff Hughes said you do not have to have a permit to have a handgun at your home, but once you put it in car it's considered concealed.

Once you put in an application it does take a few days for the criminal background check to be complete.

Sheriff Hughes said convicted felons and anyone convicted of domestic violence will not be approved. They cost $20.

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