Crime Stoppers Is A Success

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District Attorney Doug Valeska can remember exactly how it started.

"The main reason i pushed to get a crime stoppers program going is the September 26 1981 killing of Russell Douglas who was killed at the Northview Amaco station horribly, " says Valeska.

Douglas was robbed, shot and killed. Forcing city officials to start the program.
Crime Stoppers has been successful ever since.

"In the latest case we just had with the multiple burglaries and automobile burglaries arrest, that all started with a crime stoppers tip. Somebody saw what the media had showed from surveillance video, they got it, they text it in, we got the information, we followed up on it and were able to make numerous arrest, " says Lieutenant Will Benny.

"The phone rings off the hook, so their very successful in providing information, like i said we've had all kinds of cases solved because of crime stopper information," says Valeska.

Law enforcement says you can run but you cant hide because with the help of Crime Stoppers, they'll find you.

"People know if you commit murder, rape, robbery, capital murder, hurt a child, or a woman and you're convicted in this circuit, you're going to prison or to death row, " says Valeska.

Consequences that can help stop crimes from happening.

"Your community is only as good as you want it so any programs that you can have, every thing from McGruff to crime stoppers to neighborhood watch, that's a deterrent," says Valeska.

"Crime Stoppers does work, there are six people sitting in jail right now that know it works," says Benny.

Working well enough to keep our streets, communities and families safe.

Valeska says although he has the nickname Mr. Crime Stopper the credit should really go to the citizens, the Police and the people who fund the program.

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