Crestview Cold Weather Shelters Open Wednesday Through Sunday

WED. Community of Christ, 398 W. 1st Ave.; behind Whitehurst/Powell Funeral Home, 682-6219

THURSDAY New Beginnings Church, 412 W. James Lee/Hwy. 90, 689-2884

FRIDAY First Presbyterian Church 492 Ferdon Blvd., N.; Corner of Hwy. 85 & 90, 682-2835

SATURDAY First United Methodist, 599 8th Avenue

SUNDAY Lifepoint Church, 400 South Ferdon Blvd., Crestview, 682-3518

Okaloosa County Cold Weather Shelter Program provides protection during freezing weather. Program organizers estimate approximately 50 to 65 individuals take advantage of the shelters each time one opens.

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