A Covington County Family Receives a New Home

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The Covington County Habitat for Humanity is helping a family make their home into a new reality.

Braydon Laney is organizing the plans for his new room. He is very excited about moving into a new home with his mother and father. Blessed is the first word that comes to Larecia Laney's mind. Becoming a new homeowner through Habitat for Humanity has been a dream come true.

"After all of the going through, interviewing you and narrowing it down through families, they actually called us and said hey we chose y'all and we've been in shock ever since," said Larecia Laney.

This whole process started when Braydon brought home a flyer from pre-school.

"He brought the flyer home and we went to the first meeting and filled out the paperwork and stuff but we never thought we would even be approved…we have been talking about trying to find us a new place and we were having problems Me being legally blind and with just Larecia working, I'm on disability so our financial weren't exactly what they need to be, “said Shane Laney.

To receive the new home the Laney's had to complete 300 hours of volunteer work.

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