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It appears to be a never ending saga with the former Country Crossing.

Two boards responsible for keeping the property running are facing lawsuits.

Now, they have to find a new attorney to represent them.

Money: Country Crossing isn't making any.

That means no one gets paid, including the lawyers.

Now there are multiple lawsuits against the Improvement District and the Cooperative District boards.

Both are designated to take care of the property.

Lord A bbott is filing one of those suits. It is the group that funded Country Crossing in the beginning.

It put up nearly 30 million dollars in bonds and now the group wants it back.

Fighting a lawsuit worth millions isn't the only problem for the two boards.

They've got to find a new attorney.

Their original lawyer had a conflict of interest.

That problem got solved Thursday night: Warren Cobb will now take over.

Now we're back to that money problem, He needs to be paid. The county has to do it. And, Lord Abbott wants the cash anyway they can get it.

Alan Clark, a chariman with the Improvement District says, “We're not getting paid this board, but Lord Abbott, the bond holders; they've got a lot of money invested they would like to see it work whether it's a shopping center or whatever.”

Both lawyers in the case will have to be paid by Houston County, because the two boards have no funds.

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