Countdown to Nintendo Wii U Launch: Launch Games

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Nintendo's new video game console, the Wii U, will be released in stores nationwide on November 18th,

And, the new system will launch with over 20 games across a wide variety of genres.

For the first time since the Nintendo 64, a new Mario title will launch with a new Nintendo home console.

"New Super Mario Bros. U" allows 5 players to play and for the first time, you can play as your Mii in a Mario platformer.

Sonic the Hedgehog returns as well, this time in a racing game "Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed" allows you to race with characters from the popular franchise in the air, on the ground and more.

If you buy the deluxe edition of the system, you'll get a free copy of "Nintendo Land" which has games like "Mario Chase" where one person with the gamepad tries to chase down four other players.

And, the long-running Madden football franchise launches with the wiki u as well with “Madden NFL 13”. A player can use the touchscreen gamepad to draw routes for players before hiking the ball.

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