Could Dual Enrollment Courses be Free in 2013?

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State officials are hoping to make dual enrollment even more appealing.
They're hoping to draft a bill making these college courses free.

It may be a long shot, but Alabama’s two-year college Chancellor Mark Heinrich wants to give high school students a break.
Heinrich is proposing to make dual enrollment courses free for high schoolers
Local college officials say this is great news.

“It’s exciting that the chancellor is taking this on because he's seen the benefits of dual enrollment because it is a great way for a student to get a great start on a career.” Wallace Community College dual enrollment coordinator Lynn Lamere said.

Lamere says Wallace Community College already has a great turnout of dual enrollment students, and if this bill is approved, she expects more to get on board.

“There are some avenues out there now, but we are excited it can be expanded more.” Lamere said.

She says this will give students the opportunity to see how they like college, without having to worry about the money.

“The tuition aspect has been a barrier.” Lamere said.

Right now, students who can't afford these college classes can try to gain a scholarship through the wiregrass foundation, but Lamere says the less hassle it takes, the more students can enroll.

The chancellor has only proposed a bill right now, and is working with legislators to bring the bill forward as early as the 2013 session.

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