Convicted Murderer Hopes New Evidence Will Lead to New Trial

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The calendar May say 2014, but it felt more like 1990's on Wednesday in Judge McLaughlin's courtroom.

Michael Jerome Lewis of Dothan has been in jail for the last 17-years, but on Wednesday he was in court asking for the judge to give him a new trial date.

Lewis was convicted in 2003 of Capitol Murder and was sentenced to death. However, he is claiming that his original attorney had a conflict of interest and didn't give him the proper chance to defend himself.

His new attorneys provided testimony from experts about Lewis' past which included abuse, addition and brain injuries from numerous motor vehicle accidents. The most compelling piece of new evidence was Lewis' side of the story from the night Timothy Kaye was killed. It was the first time Lewis had said his side of the story on record.

Judge McLaughlin is expected to make a decision about whether or not to go back to trial in 90 days.

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