Controversial Political Display Removed After Investigation

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For over a month now, a scarecrow-like figure resembling President Obama holding a sign has been displayed outside of one Dale County residence.

"Before Halloween, it was in late October, I had heard that it was hanging from a tree in effigy. Other neighbors had complained about it."

This morning WTVY received a UReport complaint about it as well from a concerned neighbor.
He became concerned after the figure was seen holding a sign that had a frightening message.
It read 'Pray for Assassin.'

"Whether you're a Democrat or Republican is not the issue and whether you like the president or don't like the president it's really not the issue. The issue is really respect for other people. This kind of behavior to me is just unacceptable and I think the people have a right to respond to it. And I decided that I could actually take action as well and voice my opinion."

After this unidentified man spoke out against the hate message, the Dale County Sheriff's Office became involved.

"Contact was made by my investigators with the federal authorities. They are going to send somebody down here to talk to us about the situation."

"A number of agencies have been contacted, people have reported it and so things have actually gotten done and it's actually kinda nice to know that many people in Alabama do not support comments and hate on this level and they're willing to do something about it."

The result…the figure has been taken down and an investigation is underway.