Computer Scam Reported In Okaloosa County

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The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has received phone calls from citizens saying they have had their computers hacked and blocked.

According to police, once the computer has been hacked, the screen goes black/blank, and a notice appears “This Computer is BLOCKED call to UNBLOCK for $300 the FBI at # ”

Citizens have also received a phone call. The caller tells the citizens to press certain keys and follow a set of directions. Once the citizen does what the caller asks, their “computer is taken over.”

In order to keep your computer secure, residents can follow these tips.

Make sure you are running Anti-virus software at all times. Also, make sure the program is up to date every time you start the computer

Use a higher level of internet explorer security than the default setting

Use extreme caution when following unknown links

Never click on “Advertising Pop-ups;” they might infect the computer. If the computer opens a new page on its own, shutdown immediately

If your computer has been hacked, shut it down and call a computer expert.

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