Competitive Shooter Takes Aim Her Way

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(DALEVILLE)- In high school Sabrina Mac Haffie was in the marching band, she did color guard and during concert season she played clarinet. Now, she's a competitor who you might say, plays an instrument of a different kind.

“The most said comment I get is ‘Aw such a little girl with a big gun, do you know how to handle yourself sweety?” I say yeah, just sit back and watch cause I’ll school you real quick,’ ” said Mac Haffie.

Mac Haffie's a competitive shooter in the International Defensive Pistol Association, or, IDPA.

"I have competed in four major competitions, I went to Alabama state, I went and shot the Tennessee Summer Sizzler, the Wilson Combat Single Stack championship and the National Championship as of recently," she said.

Mac Haffie has only been taking aim competitively for eight months. She is sponsored and competes for team “Damage Inc.” Her team captain, Corey Cruts placed 9th out of 26 international shooters at the National Championship in Oxford, North Carolina.

Cruts says the sky’s the limit for Mac Haffie.

"To have a female who can step into this game and only after eight months have the confidence to go to the national championship is a very unique event," said Cruts.

Mac Haffie has a pink vest with her name stitched on it in bold, black letters. She also has matching pink shooting ear muffs, a pink gun case, and pink grips on her .45 caliber 1911 pistol.

She's not deterred by the fact she's competing in a male-dominated sport.

"The reason I like to maintain my female persona is because that's just natural to who I am," said Mac Haffie.

"Although I am the tom-boy and kind of like the 'boy stuff' I like being a girl. I have no issue letting the guys know that I am kind of girly and feminine," she said.

Mac Haffie has a vibrant personality. She’s always smiling, laughing and making funny faces. She jokes about having ‘Big Dude Muscles as a result of shooting a Big Guy gun’ But she shoots a big guy gun with uncanny accuracy.

"Her skill level with the pistol, the .45 caliber 1911, which is predominantly a firearm shot by men, her accuracy is outstanding, her skills with it, her confidence with it is just outstanding,” said Cruts.

Mac Haffie has placed 2nd and 3rd in some of her bigger tournaments. She’s as regimental with her aim as she is with safety.

"Competitive shooting is actually very safe. It's probably one of the safest sports out there. At all times you're under the direction of several range safety officers,” said Mac Haffie.

She aspires to compete in roughly 24-30 matches a year and eventually reach the highest competitive class possible, the class of distinguished master.

On October 20th, Sabrina and her teammate Alex Merrill will be at tri-state gun club teaching basic gun safety and personal defense. It's for women of all ages and begins at 10 a.m.

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