Community Christmas Luncheon Needs your Help

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With cooler weather blowing in a local non-profit wants to make sure everyone stays warm.

The Community Christmas Luncheon is a trademark in Dothan.

After last year's Community Christmas Luncheon, Anna Reynolts is warming up.

"I can heat up my bedroom and I can lay back and relax and be comfortable," Reynolts said.

Reynolts received a portable heater at the luncheon, but many seniors left empty handed because there weren't enough donations.

"It was so heartbreaking to see some of the seniors that had bussed in that did not receive a heater and left without anything," Coordinator Anita Dawkins said.

This year they will be doing a blanket drive along with the heaters, that way no one will be left out in the cold.

"It's cold during these winter months and a lot of senior’s bones are fragile, they need that extra heat," Dawkins said.

The annual luncheon is a non-profit event, with no sponsors; they rely solely on your help.

"Without the help of the community and the support, this event would not exist. We give them a free hot meal as well and a brown bag of groceries to take home. Sometimes that's all the extra Christmas groceries they have," Dawkins said.

They're asking for donations, whether it be blankets, heaters or money.

"There are a lot of people out there that is in need of help and it's cold out there. We all are trying to stay warm,” Reynolts said.

The drive starts November 1st, if you'd like to donate a portable heater or blanket, you can drop them off at prudential showcase properties.

They also need volunteers for the luncheon on December 20th.

Call Anita Dawkins at 334-685-9860.