Commissioner Nathan Boyles Recognized in 850 Business Magazine

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OKALOOSA COUNTY, FL - Sixteen counties were asked to help select 40 influential business leaders under 40 for 850 Business Magazine of Northwest Florida. Recently elected Commissioner Nathan Boyles was among those selected by the business community. “I am honored to be among the other young professionals selected and credit my success to the opportunities available to businesses and entrepreneurs in Okaloosa County,” stated Boyles. “This demonstrates the great climate for business that we have here and I am honored to serve my constituents in Okaloosa County as their District 3 commissioner.”

Commissioner Nathan Boyles grew up in North Okaloosa County. He possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in environmental engineering from Florida State University, and went on to attend FSU College of Law where he earned his law degree.

850 Business Magazine is an online publication by Rowland Publishing dedicated to Northwest Florida news. To read the article entirely, follow this link: Commissioner Boyles can be reached at 850-689-5030 or

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