Homeless in Need as Cold Weather Approaches

The Dothan Rescue Mission says it often takes those cold temperatures to get people to take advantage of shelters.

Behind the carwash, under the bridge, there’s an abandoned warehouse is just a few of the places where Dothan’s homeless spend the night.

And as temperatures head south for the coming week, shelter organizers are getting ready for an influx.

“You see a lot of people coming in from the woods because it gets so cold,” said Dothan Rescue Mission’s Cassie Gay.

They’ll come in, and with that we have to be ready for them.

Dothan Rescue Mission has been low on beds in recent months, so they're grateful for a little wiggle room ahead of this chilly week.

Right now we have about 30 open beds, but that's men, women and children combined.

Roger knows the chill of a winter night outdoors all too well.

“I feel very fortunate. It's a blessing. The cold is certainly hitting hard now and to be able to be warm for a change is a luxury beyond imagination,” a Dothan resident.

It’s a luxury that many of us don't often pause to appreciate.

In Dothan, you have people staying out on the streets.

Finding a place for everyone may not be a concern, but feeding everybody is another story.

“The big problem is food. We can house up to 100. We look for food. That's a big concern when you feed three meals a day. From the looks of things, this weather's going to be here for at least another week.”

The Dothan Rescue Mission is asking you to donate cans and boxes to meet those needs this week.

You can drop off donations here at 216 East Crawford Street in Dothan.

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