Clock Tower Coming to Foster Street

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You'll soon know what time it is downtown just by looking up. Since May, crews have been breaking asphalt, putting in sidewalks, and landscaping the area at the corner of Troy and Foster Streets. The next step is the installation of a new clock tower in Pioneer Park.

At the Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority meeting Wednesday afternoon, the project committee approved a request from the city to help fund the clock tower. The DDRA will give no more than $20,000 toward the project. It's the final and most drastic in series of upgrades for Foster Street aesthetics.

On top of keeping everybody on time to their appointments, the tower will give visitors a glimpse into Dothan's past.

DDRA executive director says, "It's going to be a symbol of the pioneers, a symbol of those who paved the way for Downtown Dothan, so we're really excited about it. You know, we think it's gonna be a great landmark, we think it's going to be pleasing to the eye, we think it's going to be a good statement for the community. It's beautiful and the architecture of it, the clock is gonna look really nice."

Saliba construction has come forward with a bid for the clock tower. The project should take three to four months to complete

At the DDRA meeting members renewed Tidmore's contract as executive director for another two years. Their next meeting will be October 16th.

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