Clio Church Members Rebuild After Weekend Storm

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“This is where the sanctuary was going to be.”

But now all that remains at Pastor Melvin White's church in Clio are scattered 2-by-4's and a long road ahead.

“We have been having service every Sunday up under the tent here at 8 o'clock and every Wednesday night,” said White.

White says around 1 o'clock Saturday strong winds destroyed the half built church.

“We’re trying to pay for it as we go and we started about a year ago building on it and so I would say the past 6 months we got where we are now,” said White.

Pastor White says one of the amazing things about the storm is that it destroyed this building but the one thing it didn't touch and wasn't even damaged were the crosses.

“As leaders we have to be strong and we have to look past the storm and rain and the wind and stay focused on the lord and his will,” said Pastor Johnny Walker with Dothan Life Journey Fellowship Center.

Walker and White's long-time friend says the damage is done and now it's time to rebuild.

“What we do now is get out here this week and clean up all the lumber and hopefully Monday we start right back it again,” said White.

The church was also going to house a center for people to get their GED along with a daycare and tutor center for children.

White says those will still be available it may just take a little longer than expected.

It is going to take about 100-thousand dollars to rebuild the church.

A fundraiser is underway to help with the costs.

If you would like to know how you can help click on the "4 More Info" tab.

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