Clerical Error Gets Man Out of Jail in 30 Months Instead of 30 Years

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After a clerical error a man gets out of jail in 30 months instead of 30 years.

District Attorney Doug Valeska says 51-year-old Homer Strickland has 13 prior felony convictions.

Valeska says he was at Strickland's show cause hearing because he wasn't paying court cost fines and restitutions.

That's when he realized Strickland had a 30 year sentence stemming from a 2012 $20,000 dollar theft case and it had only been two years since the sentence was given.

Valeska contacted the Department of Corrections and found the sentence was entered into the system wrong.

He immediately filed a motion to revoke Strickland's bond.

Valeska says officials took him into custody in less than 24 hours.

"Judge Moulton when he sentenced him to 30 years knew he was a career criminal so we're grateful to the judge. He just got out, there was a mistake made. Do I think it'll happen today, tomorrow again? I really don't. Once again they have thousands of thousands of cases but I support the department of corrections and their staff they do an outstanding job,” Valeska said.

Strickland was arrested by Houston County Deputies on July 15th on a charge of first degree theft of property.

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