Clean Water Act is Subject to Change

The Clean Water Act was enacted by Congress to protect one of the most valuable resources that we have....water.

Its purpose is to restore the nation's waters by preventing any sort of harmful substances from getting into it.

The new proposal that the EPA is trying to implement will put them in charge of *any waters,* including lakes and rivers, and this is what the farmers are concerned about.

Having the EPA in charge of the water, could limit the water supply that farmers would be allowed to use on their crops, which in turn, could cause a huge loss in development for that year.

Also, farmers are worried that if the EPA passes the new regulations, that they will discontinue several of the pesticides used to keep certain bugs off of certain crops.

Again, in turn, affecting the year's production of produce.

"What we're concerned about in agriculture the more government control by EPA can speed up the process of our pesticides that are working that are not being misused, and being taken off the market if there is perception that it is getting in to our water.. In some way, form, or fashion, not necessarily from agriculture but maybe from a outside source,"

If you use at home pesticides, the best thing you can do is follow the instructions, and when you are done, rinse it out thoroughly and then dispose of it.

Never pour it down the drain in your home, or even a sewage drain.