City of Dothan Sign Ordinance

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For more information, contact the
Department of Planning and Development at 615-4410

On September 3, 2013, the city commission adopted revised standards for signs in Dothan. In their approval, the commission delayed implementation of the new regulations until October 1, 2013 in order to give the planning department staff the opportunity to conduct a survey of existing signs in the city. This information will be used to determine whether a sign is either a legal or illegal nonconforming sign. The city commission also authorized a temporary moratorium in issuing new permits for signs until Oct 1, 2013 for the same reason. Here are some important changes that will become law after October 1st:
• Generally, ALL signs (including temporary signs such as portables, banners and wind signs) require a permit. Depending on the sign, the permit fee varies from free to $100 each.
• Some signs are always prohibited such as those placed on the public right-of-way and some sign do not require a permit.
• Sign setbacks have been reduced to 3 ft. except for billboards which remain at 10 ft.
• Billboards standards are the same but digital billboards are addressed separately.
• Sign area and height are regulated by zoning district, the posted speed of the road and the distance from the street.
• Illustrations are generously used to illustrate important concepts.
• Portable signs (including portable digital signs) may be used for temporary advertisement but only 3 times a year for a maximum of 30 days each time.
• Likewise, commercial banners and wind signs may be used for temporary advertisement but only 8 times a year for a maximum of 15 days each time.
• Owners and users of temporary signs (portable signs and commercial banners) have 90 days from October 1st to submit a placement permit.
• Electronic message centers, digital portable signs and digital billboards can’t be animated, scroll their message or be too bright to impair the vision of drivers.
• Existing digital sign owners have 30 days from October 1st to adjust sign brightness and re-program their message display.
• Variances must be connected to a physical feature of the property.
Citizens can view and download the ordinance online (available on our website at>departments>planning>land development) or call the Planning Department at 615-4410 for more information.

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