City and County Preps for Weekend Rain

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Since the last rain, officials know there is no harm in taking precautions to prepare for this weekends storm.

It doesn't take a lot of rain for some places in Houston County to flood.

“We know we can’t stop the rain, we don’t know how much rains going to fall and when there’s an excessive rain, there is nothing we can do about it.”

Except to plan ahead, and Corbin says they spent all day Thursday doing just that.

“Every time we have a expected event where we are going to get an excessive amount of rainfall, we do go out and those areas we know have problems that may collect debris or whatever, ditches or storm drains, we'll go out and clean that debris out and clean the ditch out.”

Kirkland acting county engineer
“We are going around unstopping driveway pipes, cross drain pipes, culverts with debris from last week, where the rain washed in there and backed it up, getting chainsaws ready for trees that blow over. “

Officials say residents need to be extra careful when driving on flooded roads.

“As the saying goes don’t drown turnaround. Water that’s about six inches is deep across the road if it’s got enough velocity to it, small light cars, you can still have problems.”

Corbin also says if your home is prone to flooding, take steps now to protect it, by using sandbags or digging a trench to absorb any water.

If there is flooding, crews will be out and about, trying to get the roads back in order.

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