City Now Accepting Applications for Summer Jobs

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DOTHAN, AL---Summer time isn't here yet but, it's not too early to decide how you want to spend it.
If you want to work, there's lots to choose from.

"During this season we'll employ close to 180 youth," said Dothan Leisure Services Director Kim Meeker.

You can now find a list of all the jobs available this summer through Dothan Leisure Services.

"We have at least 40 positions that are open with no plans for them at all and we need people to fill those slots," added Meeker.

The positions are seasonal and will be filled within the coming months.

"A lot of them start before the summer and some of them are getting through labor day on average," explained Meeker.

Majority of the jobs that the city fills every summer are here at WaterWorld.

"We're excepting applications for ride attendant, pool attendant, life guard 1, life guard 2, aquatics supervisor, cashier, concessionaire," said Westgate Aquatics Manager Kelly Carter.

If it's your first job and you're unsure staff say Dothan Leisure Services is a good place to start.

"We're a lot of people's first jobs and it's a good experience."

WaterWorld opens the first weekend in May.

If you're interested in applying for any of the jobs, go to the city's website, and click on "Employment Opportunities."

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