Christmas Decorations Coming Down in the Circle City

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You've probably noticed many of Dothan’s Christmas decorations have disappeared.
Crews have been out since early Wednesday morning, unwrapping light poles that were covered in lights and garland.

"We’re moving Christmas lights from east main west main north Oates, south Oates and Foster Street." Dothan Utilities worker Ray Stevens said.

Because there are so many light posts around the circle city, it takes a couple of crews to get the Christmas decorations down

And it's not an easy process, workers use bucket trucks to get the decorations down.

"They have got latches on each side of them and some brackets hanging on the poles." Stevens said.

Workers say getting in the truck is the least of their worries.

"Pretty much what you need to watch out for is just someone dropping a decoration on your head while you’re taking them down." Dothan Utilities worker Jacob Williamson said.

“Main thing is to stay safe and try to keep from getting run over by on coming vehicles.” Stevens said.

And once they get all the decorations down safely, they bring them to a warehouse where they're stored until the next year, when they do it all over again.

Workers say it takes about two days to get all of the decorations down.
So be on the lookout for crews working in the streets again Thursday.

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