Chresal Threadgill is the Answer for Elba City Schools

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The hunt is finally over. Elba's City School Board spent much of their summer sifting through applications after former superintendent Rick Rainer resigned in June. They narrowed the search to five finalists and announced their decision Tuesday night.

The school board agreed Chresal Threadgill from Troy should be their new superintendent. Board members said they admired his leadership skills and he has quite the resume. Threadgill started his administrative career back in 1999. For three years, he was Assistant Superintendent of Troy City Schools.

Prior to that, Threadgill served as principal and vice principal of Charles Henderson Middle School, and assistant principal of Greenville Middle School. Elba's City School Board Chairman, Matt Brunson, said it was a tough decision, but felt they made the right choice.

"All five of our candidates were very highly qualified and it was a hard decision to make. But, we do feel very good about his selection and think that he has a lot to offer our system going forward,” said Brunson.

Board members said Threadgill seemed very genuine and invested in the students. They also believe he will be in this position for a while. They plan to negotiate his contract at their next board meeting on September 17th.

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