Chipley, Florida Paints Downtown Area With Holiday Cheer

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The City of Chipley, Florida annually ushers in the Christmas holiday season with elaborate lighting in the downtown area, and the 2012 season is no exception.

‘We try to publicize the charm and offerings of the Chipley area year-round’, says local public relations firm The Goulding Agency, Inc. vice-president Debbie Goulding, ‘but at this time of year the job is especially easy and definitely fun. The newly installed energy-efficient street lights successfully retain the quaint and historic atmosphere for which we are known, and with the addition of the holiday lights- well, you just have to see it to fully appreciate the effect’.

City workers have labored for several weeks to install the delicate strings of lights, covering the historic crepe myrtle trees lining Main Street, as well as the shrubs and hedges defining several square blocks of this historic municipality.

‘Each Christmas season we try to showcase the holiday lighting photographically, but we took the opportunity to catch the lights early in the day this year, not quite dark and with the hustle and bustle of traffic still in evidence.’ says Goulding. ‘The resulting untouched and unedited photos highlighted the City in the busy time of early evening and we like the results’.

Chipley is actually featured in several regional travel guides as a destination for this time of year, especially after dark, and the low-wattage lighting paints the business district with a festive yet classy glow, showcasing the charm of this historic rural town.

‘The City of Chipley is to be commended for the investment of time and resources in presenting the city to visitors in the best possible light during this festive time of year,’ Goulding continues, ‘and it doesn’t go unnoticed. The result has been a simple yet visually breathtaking vista, a great example of one of the simple pleasures in life’.

The Downtown Chipley lights can be fully appreciated on the first Saturday in December, when the Chipley Christmas Parade ushers in the holiday season with the arrival of Santa and Mrs. Claus, and opens the city to holiday visitors.

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