Children's Food Allergies are Increasing

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Lunchtime is usually a child's favorite time of the school day but with the increase of food allergies that may change

"We are seeing a slight increase in food allergies. We are seeing a small increase. It was about 3%, 10-15 years ago and now it is closer to 5% it is a small increase but is definitely an increase in the number of food allergies we see these days" said Dr. Angie Blaxton.

And with the increase of food allergies, schools are taking the necessary measures to make sure everyone is safe

"It is very important that you communicate with your local school about your child's allergies to keep the school informed and keep the staff informed" said school nurse Karen Cooper

Before enrolling in school students should stop by their child's pediatrician to get a doctors note. Nurses say this could help in the long run should an emergency occur.

"Yes they bring in their own epi-pen and medication. They have to have a note from their doctor stating what the allergy is and what medication should be administered," said Cooper.

Although it is not know what has caused the increase in allergies, there are a few ideas.

"We are leading a cleaner life now and we not out in the outdoors and exposed to the dirt and germs in a more rural environment and all the hand sanitizing and hand washing and cloroxing and everything we do to keep ourselves clean is actually increasing our allergies," said Dr. Blaxton.

The top three allergies children suffer from are peanuts, strawberries and milk.

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